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  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator

    In order to ease and stardardize our chimp descriptions, this list might be useful:

    1. BODY: big, small, robust, skinny, round...

    2. SEX: male / female / unknown

    3. FACE: beard (color, no beard, etc), tufts, muzzle shape (big, pronounced lower lip, etc), nostrils (big, small, large, etc), forehead (wide, etc), pigmentation (spots, dark/whitish areas, etc), shape (narrow, elongated, round, etc), eyebrows (protruded, round, straight, dips, etc)

    4. EARS: regular, big, small, presenting cuts, folded...

    5. FUR: color, thick, light...

    6. REMARKABLE TRAITS: limb, ear missing, etc.


  • Snorticus by Snorticus

    This is very helpful! Thank you, @NuriaM


  • ksigler by ksigler moderator in response to NuriaM's comment.

    Yes, a very helpful reminder, thank you!! And @Quia is gathering some additional tips regarding ages, swellings, etc. We'll all be pros in no time... 😉


  • jwidness by jwidness moderator

    Speaking of being pros, I'll point out that identifying chimps is definitely a skill that has to be learned and practiced, so no one should feel bad if at first they think many of them look the same! It's hard! When I worked at a zoo with a group of 6 chimps, they expected people to take at least a few weeks of watching them to be able to ID them confidently -- and that was with only 6 animals, with known identity, and someone guiding them along the way!

    So I think everyone is doing a great job learning/practicing this skill, and I hope we all continue with it! : )


  • MimiA by MimiA scientist, moderator

    There was a picture from Jane Goodall's original notes on how to ID chimps on facebook today 😃


  • jwidness by jwidness moderator

    Love it! Wish I could draw a chimp (or anything really) that looked even vaguely like it was supposed to 😃