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Chimp/primate video lists!

  • ChimpMods by ChimpMods

    First, a big thanks to everyone doing the very important task of annotating videos for Chimp&See! Annotations are the top priority and are the source for the video lists below, but you can also provide very valuable information by watching these known chimp videos. This post covers where to watch chimp videos, what to look for, and how to provide that additional data for the science team.

    The simplest way to start watching chimp videos is to go directly to the collection for each site, where you will find the videos sorted to help you find the larger context of each clip:

    Quiet Wood chimps

    Cool Silence chimps

    Red Water chimps

    Muddy Frost chimps

    Crimson Dew chimps

    Lingering Shape chimps

    Dry Lake chimps

    Dawn Bird chimps

    Restless Star chimps

    Restless Star gorillas

    Cold Fire chimps

    Aged Violet chimps

    Green Snowflake chimps

    These collections are made from videos listed in the spreadsheet, which is itself created from videos in the official list -- many thanks to the Zooniverse team and @Quia for setting these up!

    The official list works by gathering together all the videos that have been annotated as containing chimps, and the spreadsheet is a convenient location for adding additional notes and comments about those videos -- anyone is free to add anything to the column titled "Notes"!

    If you're really looking for the best of the best chimp videos, the daily zoo chimp collection is highly recommended. : )

    As you watch these chimp videos (and any others you might find during annotations), here are some things to look for to provide additional information for the science team. As a reminder, please don't add tags if you're not sure, but feel free to make a comment or ask a question and we'd be happy to help!

    If you've looked at the official list page, you may have also noticed the other primate section. These are videos that were annotated as containing other primates. Feel free to look these over as well, and if you can identify the species, you can add the appropriate species tag.

    Thanks so much for your participation!


  • ChimpMods by ChimpMods

    We've made a few small changes to the OFFICIAL CHIMP VIDEO LIST that hopefully make it more useful for everyone!

    First, videos can get into the list two ways now: if they're classified as chimp (same as before), or if they're tagged with #chimp (new). This means videos that have gotten discussed and tagged no longer have to wait until they finish classifying to show up in the list.

    Second, videos are now sorted in the order they were recorded on the camera (which is the same order as in the spreadsheet). The spreadsheet is still the only place to find the actual number of the video or make notes, but you can get a general sense of what came before or after a video by looking at the official list now.

    Third, moderators can now remove videos from the official list by using the #omit tag. Before too long, the lists will be totally curated and will no longer contain stray non-chimp videos.

    If you browse through the list, don't forget you can add tags from the list above! Thanks for all your help!


  • ChimpMods by ChimpMods

    We have another new upgrade to the chimp spreadsheet! There is now a column labeled "file datetime" which contains the actual timestamp that the video file was created on the camera. These are often off by 1 minute from the date seen at the beginning of the video because the file is written to the memory card 60 seconds after it starts recording. They may occasionally also be off or missing for various other reasons, so you can still check the "card change date", which is the date the memory card was installed. Hopefully this information will help match swollen/unswollen females, growing infants, and lots of others!