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Best of 2017: Nominate your favorite video clips!

  • ChimpMods by ChimpMods

    You can vote now for the best of the best! [Click here for the survey]

    Hi everybody!

    We’ve had a really wonderful year at Chimp&See, thanks to all of you, your massive help with classifications and chimp matching, and your interest in our project!

    As in 2015 and 2016, we want to wrap up this year again with a “Best of” event asking you to show us your favorite videos from this year and then let the community vote for the Top 2 in each category.

    We would love to see your favorite clips in the following categories:

    • Favorite chimp
    • Funniest clip
    • Best camera reaction
    • Creepiest clip
    • Biggest surprise

    Here is how it’s working:

    1. Please nominate 1 clip per category. It's okay to pick the same clip for more than one category, or the same clip as someone else.

    2. We only want to include clips from sites that we’ve worked on predominantly this year. So all nominations should come from Aged Violet and Green Snowflake only!

    To nominate your favorites, post a reply here in this thread that includes the category and clip ID (e.g., ACP0004321) for each nomination. This thread will stay open for 2 weeks (until December 22) so you have time to find and post your favorites. We will then collect all nominations, and you can vote on the Best of 2017!

    Where to find clips (if you don't already have an extensive collection)?

    To get you started, we've prepared some collections that include only clips from the Aged Violet and Green Snowflake sites:

    Not all interesting or exciting clips will be in these collections, though, so here are some other places to look:

    Please just remember, the clips have to come from Aged Violet and Green Snowflake.

    We look forward to seeing what you loved most here in 2017!


  • Batfan by Batfan

    Brilliant. Thank you. I love these 'best of' events. Will sort out my favourites and post my nominations soon.


  • PauDG by PauDG scientist, moderator

    Hi all!

    I am sure that there are great videos in Green Snowflake and I am looking forward to getting surprised by your proposals. But, as it could not be otherwise, my nominations are from Aged Violet.

    Here they are:

    • Favorite chimp : Filou. Here his tag group.
      Big male with a very big heart. Always surrounded by juveniles, waiting for them, traveling with them, cracking nuts with them... he even carries them in some occasions (my biggest surprise).

    • Funniest clip: Sekai and Etta playing with AVInf04 (Etta's infant) ACP000fxpo

    • Creepiest clip: Human crossing a bridge at night. Brave! ACP000fogv


  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator

    Here I go:

    • Favorite chimp: I agree with Paula, Filou is an amazing guy. He has always been my favorite, he touched my (mom´s) heart from the very beginning 😃

    • Funniest clip : The hilarious Elefart!! it couldn´t be other, a juvenile elephant dedicating a love fart to Science: ACP000bn0r

    • Best camera reaction : Family portrait; ACP000dscm Blondie with her kids stricking a pose to the camera. Beautiful!

    • Creepiest clip : agree with Paula, the "can someone please help me?!" video. Very brave guy! ACP000fogv

    • Biggest surprise : the reassurance gesture in ACP000dr5q Yakini showing respect to Bohr at GS. A cultural behaviour first seen at Green Snowflake. Surprised about new behaviours at new sites!!


  • AnLand by AnLand moderator

    I want to nominate two favorite chimps (only 1 video!): Cassini and Bohr: ACP000dmpl

    enter image description here

    Biggest surprise: ACP000dnzf The gorgeous forest buffalos at Green Snowflake

    enter image description here

    More later as I need to think about the other categories.


  • midnightsun by midnightsun

    My favorite chimp is Eliot: video ID ACP000droh

    Not really "creepy", but scary and brave at the same time: video ID ACP000fogv (same as the others)

    Best camera reaction: this young elephant, video ID ACP000cw66

    Surprise: video ID ACP000cy5h - these little critters always get me by surprise and I need to remember what is a cat and what not and what it could be (mongoose, genet, civet ...)

    This is also a camera reaction - a very close one, but I nominate it for the "funny" category: video ID ACP000d9o3


  • Batfan by Batfan

    I do love this activity – it’s so good to look back through all those clips that I’d forgotten about.

    Favourite chimp. I find this very hard to choose – there are so many large characters. In the end I’ve gone for Filou too (though may well have changed my mind by the time it gets to voting).

    Best camera reaction - ACP000d9o5 - makes me smile every time I watch it.

    Biggest surprise – If I knew more about the area it may not have been such a surprise, but I certainly wasn’t expecting to see otters here - ACP000d67v

    Creepiest - Tempted to go for the one everyone else has gone for so far but in the end have gone for ACP000cs0o – I find that staring eye quite unsettling.

    Funniest -The amazing vanishing bushbuck - ACP000dor1. Couldn’t decide whether to nominate this for funniest or biggest surprise – I think it would fit in either - but in the end I went for funniest.


  • Boleyn by Boleyn moderator

    Great choices everyone, I really love to go through all your proposals as well all the collections containing these treasures 😃

    As favourite chimp I nominate Yakini. I liked this handsome chimp from the beginning but since I've seen him doing this reassurence gesture and also the finger diddling I'm totally smitten with him 😃

    enter image description here

    That was the easy part. For the other categories there are so many great, adorable, stunning, surprising and whatnot videos I could hardly make a decision. So I've decided to select some clips that will most likely not be selected by others - or at least not in the same categories:

    Cam reaction: ugly is beautyful: ACP000ebcx

    Funniest clip: I need to nominate two but since we have no cutest category I hope that's ok: jostling bushpigs ACP000gg5t and clumsy little mangabey ACP000eap6

    Creepiest video: bushbuck on gate 9 3/4 ACP000dor1 (I totally agree with batfan this beeing one of the funniest clips as well but I think it's really creepy too)

    Many big surprises as well this year but maybe the biggest one for me was that turtle video: ACP000eisf ...or was it the snake? ACP000eg9h


  • AnLand by AnLand moderator

    Thanks a lot for these great nominations so far! One day left to post here your favorite chimps and other videos!

    Here my remaining nominations:

    funny: I did not really see this video ACP000e034 before, but the sceptical eyes are really funny

    camera reaction: this young elephant in ACP000cw66

    I do not really find any video really creepy, but for this "Best of" I'll also go with the bushbuck in ACP000dor1


  • Snorticus by Snorticus

    enter image description here

    ACP000fw46 - Favorite chimp - Kamala tries so hard to get some respect from Filou & number-one-son Marlyn, gotta admire her commitment! Filou prods her out of the way and she promptly lends him a hand lifting the nut cracking log here.

    ACP000fway - Funniest -is a toss up between Caruso humming a little tune over his cracked nut and

    ACP000dss2 - also Funny - Petra's reaction as Will charges past and whacks her snacking tree.

    ACP000eg9i - Best Cam Reaction - I was fascinated by the black cobra that holds it's upright defensive posture for the entire minute of the series of clips.

    ACP000cub2 - kinda Creepy - this weird noise I'd never head before and the flying thing.

    ACP000edbj - Biggest surprise - Filou letting Marlyn ride, what a lovely thing to witness a male adopting a youngster!

    ACP000dvgy - also Big surprise ele-toots, heh.

    Enjoyed seeing everyone's picks. It's always tough to narrow down my list because we
    see some pretty cool things at Chimp&See every year! I enjoyed working with all of you in 2017 😄 Cheers!

    enter image description here


  • lauraklynn by lauraklynn moderator

    People have already picked some of my favorites, but I thought I would bring attention to a couple more clips. I might not ultimately vote for them, but I think they deserve another look.

    Biggest surprise: this hornbill startling a duiker ACP000gggb

    Best camera reaction: this L'hoest's monkey threesome ACP000cubk

    I think the camera taster will win the funniest category ACP000d9o5, but I also enjoyed this Red colobus sliding down the tree trunk ACP000dsra


  • ChimpMods by ChimpMods

    Thanks everyone for their great nominations! We know it was hard as there were too many wonderful clips this year from Aged Violet and Green Snowflake! The poll to vote on your favorites will be prepared over the next week, and voting is scheduled to take place the first week in January.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Chimp&See!

    This thread will now be closed and the poll announced here later.


  • ChimpMods by ChimpMods

    Thanks again everyone for your entries. It was fun to watch your choices and it will be hard to determine the winners.

    The poll is now open! [Click here for the survey]

    You are free to enter scores for as many or as few videos as you'd like, but only one voting form can be submitted per computer. Votes are anonymous. Be sure to submit your votes before January 14, 2018, at 11:00 p.m. CET.


  • AnLand by AnLand moderator

    Last day to vote! The gates are closing later tonight (European time)!

    Vote here!


  • ChimpMods by ChimpMods

    Hi everybody! Voting is closed. Thank you all again for posting your nominations and vote for the "Best of".

    Here the results:

    Favorite chimp: Filou

    Best camera reaction: Puck, the leopard. ACP000ecvj

    Creepy: Bushbuck Magic! ACP000dor1

    Biggest surprise: A hornbill startling a small duiker ACP000gggb

    Funniest video: Yuri, close to everybody's heart (and the camera) ACP000d9o5


  • Batfan by Batfan in response to ChimpMods's comment.

    All very worthy winners! This is so much fun - thanks for organising it 😃 I've already started collecting my favourites in case you do it again next year!


  • puddock by puddock

    Yep - me too - started a "Best of 2018" collection! Thanks everyone involved in the poll - really good fun 😃


  • MimiA by MimiA scientist, moderator

    yay! also feel free to tag favourite videos like that with #dailyzoo, we can then use them for social media 😃