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  • jwidness by jwidness moderator

    Are you confused about where to find things within the chimp and see website? This post is just for you!

    There are essentially two separate parts to the chimp and see site -- the main part (URL starts with and the discussion part (URL starts with

    From the part, you have access to Explore, About, Profile, Discuss, and Blog.

    • Explore let's you do classifications. It decides what videos to give you and you choose from a list of possible animals and possible behaviors to annotate the video. You can never choose which videos to classify or to reclassify a video -- but don't worry if you got it wrong, lots of other people will see it too! This is also where the field guide is found. This is the main task for Chimp & See
    • About gives information about the project, the team behind it, and the organizations supporting it. Take a look sometime!
    • Profile gives you information about videos you've explored, and also lets you rewatch videos that you've marked as favorites or recently classified -- great for when you saw something interesting and accidentally moved on.
    • Discuss takes you to the part of the site (see below).
    • Blog takes you to the Chimp & See Blog where you can see news updates, highlights of particularly interesting videos that you guys have found, and other stories.

    From you have access to Following, Recent, Discussion boards, Search, and Profile (not the same profile as the main site).

    • Following lets you view all the threads and collections that you clicked "Follow" on. Great for keeping track of threads that are interesting to you.
    • Recent lets you see a stream of videos that have recently had comments or hashtags added. Sometimes people ask questions here, or mark a video wrong, so feel free to watch some of them and add responses! Clicking on a video will take you to the Talk page for that video, where you can add comments, see what collections or tags it's associated with, or start/view discussions about that video. On the Recent page below the videos, there are recent posts to the discussion boards and recent collection comments -- a quick way to find all the newest posts.
    • Discussion boards is the central page for all of the discussions. It's in three sections: Help, Science, and Chat. It's further broken down by site or topic. In particular, note that "The Objects" appears in all sections. This topic is for talking about (non-chimp) things you found in the videos, just pick the section you think is most relevant to your question/comment. If you want to post about a video you found with a chimp in it, make sure to use the correct site board and please only start a new discussion if your video doesn't already have one. Within each board, there are pinned posts at the top of the list of topics. These are particularly important or useful -- check them out!

    (On the Following, Recent, and Discussion boards pages, there is also information down the left side. You can see Featured Discussions, Popular Hashtags, and users that are Currently Online.)

    • Search lets you search for things by type or category, but be aware that there are some known bugs in the search feature.
    • Profile (different from your main page profile) lets you set your preferences, see your private messages, see your recent comments and board posts, and see your collections (for example, your favorites).

    A final note -- if you click "Discuss on talk" after classifying a video, it will take you to the Talk page for that video. This is the same page you get if you click on a video in the Recent stream or follow a link to a video in a discussion post. If you click on "Site Chimp ID board" after classifying a video with chimps in it, it will take you to the discussion board for that site -- the same one you can get to by clicking on Discussion boards and scrolling down to the one that matches your video's site.

    Hopefully this will make it easier for you to find what you're looking for and understand all the tools you have on the chimpandsee site!

    If you still have more questions, try the Frequently Asked Questions post!