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What are these birds.

  • jurassicworld by jurassicworld

    There are six birds in this video. The first is visible from the beginning near the middle but not quite visible.The second one is visible at 1 second in, flying away from a bush right next to the camera, bottom left. The third one is also visible at 1 second in, coming in just below middle right. The fourth is visible 6 seconds in, flying away at the top left background and the filth is visible at 12 seconds in when it lifts it's white head up, in the middle. Finally, the sixth is visible at 14 seconds in flying from middle right until the video stops.

    I am posting this to see if anyone can positively identify all of the birds in this video. Don't worry if your not sure, because I'm not either.


  • yshish by yshish moderator in response to jurassicworld's comment.

    Hi @jurassicworld

    I'm afraid no one is able to safely identify them from this video, since they're distanced and not clearly visible. But if I had to guess, I would say maybe wood doves. There are so many species living in that area.. Don't take it as their ID please 😃