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Baboon eating ...

  • AnLand by AnLand moderator

    Does anybody have an idea what the baboon is eating here. It looks like a small animal, but I am not even sure if they would eat meat.


  • yshish by yshish moderator

    ACP000asld and ACP000aslf shows it mixing it with the figs. Not sure what it is though. But yes, they would eat meat too.


  • MimiA by MimiA scientist, moderator

    Looks like some sort of meat to me too - i think it would be cool to add a tag like #meat_eating


  • AnLand by AnLand moderator in response to MimiA's comment.

    I hope to see that in chimps as well! (Not very likely, but maybe we get lucky.)


  • asgoffe by asgoffe scientist

    definitely a baboon eating meat--what a great find! but this is just a portion of a carcass and the angle does not allow for me to make a clear ID on the species, but they may eat a variety of animals (e.g. rodents, hare and antelopes, as well as birds).


  • jwidness by jwidness moderator