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Bay, Oligby's, Brooke's, and White-legged Duikers

  • Quia by Quia moderator

    What do they all have in common? A big black stripe down the back. That, and we've been calling them all Bay Duikers. 😉

    Bay Duikers are nocturnal. We see them a lot in nighttime videos. They have a dark blaze on their face, and a black dorsal stripe from the head to the tip of the tail that frequently widens just over the hips. Seen in daylight, bay duikers are a rich reddish brown colour, and have unique little white spots above their eyes. This little one is I think the only Bay Duiker we've caught during the daytime, the nightime view on the other hand is very familiar!

    Brooke's Duikers and White-Legged Duikers used to be subspecies of Oligby's Duikers before being elevated to being species all their own. As you might imagine, they look very similar to one another. They are all diurnal. Their main color is a golden brown, with a black dorsal stripe starting at the shoulders and narrowing to a point at the base of the tail. In Oligby's and white-legged duikers, the black stripe continues as a very thin line down the tail. The white-legged duiker's legs are, unsurprisingly, white.

    I can't tell apart Brooke's and Oligby's, and only sometimes do we get good enough views of the legs to tell apart the white legged ones. I've started up the tag #Oligbys_duiker for all three, to the horror of all taxonomists.

    White-Legged Duiker

    Brooke's/Oligby's Duiker

    Bonus Question: What is this little one? Maybe a red flanked duiker? ACP0003ffc


  • kirstenr by kirstenr

    I was coming here to ask a question about how to tell them apart and found this nice post already here. Thank you!


  • Aqua_Fairy by Aqua_Fairy

    Great post thank you!


  • NynkS2 by NynkS2

    How should these be annotated?


  • NynkS2 by NynkS2 in response to NynkS2's comment.

    Never mind, I already found it should be red duiker in the List of keyword collections


  • Quia by Quia moderator in response to NynkS2's comment.

    Glad you found it! IDing the specific species is definitely 'extra credit,' but I'm sure someone who's studying duiker populations in the region will be quite thrilled with all the extra species data they'll get from the talk tags. 😃


  • MimiA by MimiA scientist, moderator

    Thank you @Quia!