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small grey duiker or small antelope?

  • roterplatz by roterplatz

    For the "talk chimp & see"-group we have to identify different groups of animals. I think the video on the left side shows an small antelope. But next to the color - what other differences I can find to differentiate a small antelope from a small grey duiker?

    beste regards,
    Sebastian from Germany


  • AnLand by AnLand moderator in response to roterplatz's comment.

    Hi @roterplatz, hi Sebastian,

    this is a Brooke's duiker - classified as a red duiker. Not a small antelope. We have mostly duikers here. The small antelope have often much bigger ears, different body size, and fur coloration, but I cannot explain you the details.

    The red duikers can be recognized by their black dorsal stripe. If it ends before reaching the tail (as in your video) it is more specifically a Brooke's duiker (hashtag: #brookes_duiker). Here you can find a very nice post about all the duikers and how to specify between them:

    These specific classifications are optional, but very much appreciated! Thanks for participating in Chimp&See!


  • jwidness by jwidness moderator