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Restless Star: ID chimpanzees AND gorillas!

  • maureenmccarthy by maureenmccarthy scientist, moderator

    Hi all Chimp&See citizens,

    The new site 13 - Restless Star has started!

    At this site we will identify chimpanzees AND gorillas! 😃 At first we will try to find good images of the chimps and gorillas and we will assign temporary names to prospective chimpanzees (as RSFem01, RSFem02, RSJuv01...). We will also assign unique temporary names to gorillas (RSFemGor01, RSFemGor02, RSJuvGor01...). Then, if we are absolutely sure that two of them are the same, we will do the match between two prospective chimps or gorillas and we will choose a name for this identified/known chimp or gorilla.

    To try to get more people involved in matching and give everyone involved a chance at naming, we are going to wait until the end of the site to name the infant chimpanzees and gorillas!

    So even if you aren't great at finding a match, participate in the discussion on chimp and gorilla matching and you may be selected at the end to give a chimp a name as a BIG THANK YOU for your participation!

    Just let's have fun!!