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UPDATED (please read!): Discussion threads that need your help! :-)

  • maureenmccarthy by maureenmccarthy scientist, moderator

    Hi all,

    This is an updated version of what I posted here previously. Just wanted to expand a little on a few possible strategies for coordinating our efforts to move some open discussion threads forward at Restless Star.

    We currently have >160 discussion threads at Restless Star, which is really very impressive and a testament to the amazing dedication of Chimp&See's citizen scientists! The result of all this discussion is that we have many open threads active at Restless Star, and that makes it easy for discussions to fall down the list, and for citizen scientists to miss great ongoing conversations. To help with this, I have added asterisks to the titles of threads that could really use some more opinions. So if you see some discussions starred and you haven't had a look at them recently, please check them out and contribute your opinions! Even if you agree, it would be really helpful if you can chime in with your agreement. In this way we can help ensure there is a consensus. This is especially helpful since the number of regular contributors to the discussion board can be quite limited at times...we need all the input we can get! It is also helpful when you weigh in on an open question in a thread before adding new possible matching videos to that thread. By doing so you can help contribute to these open questions so we can settle them before moving on to new potential match discussions.

    In this way, we can hopefully coordinate our efforts and get the needed input to finalize some decisions about matches at Restless Star.

    Thanks so much for all your awesome work with chimp matching!! 😄