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2 mommas with kids

  • Hanibal94 by Hanibal94

    Not sure who these two are - I think the one in the foreground is Katie and her infant, based on the head shape and grey back, but that's about it.


  • AnLand by AnLand moderator

    Hm, spontaneous I would say Kiana and infant in the background (the dark, a bit wild looking one) and Jemila and infant in the foreground. The hands are OK (remember, Katie's right hand is damaged) and Katie has a narrower face and looks older.


  • Boleyn by Boleyn moderator

    I agree on the four suggested chimps by @AnLand. They are most likely from the same sequence as already confirmed about 15 minutes later. See ACP000dkvb ACP000dkvd ACP000dkvf ACP000dkvh


  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator in response to Hanibal94's comment.

    Thanks @Hanibal94 !

    as @AnLand says, Katie´s right hand is very damaged, missing fingers. The lady in the foreground is Jemila, and Kiana in the background; this video belongs to a series with Kiana, her infant, Loika, Jemila and GSInf11 😃