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Another male chimp

  • AnLand by AnLand moderator

    I also think about the male sitting near the small tree (watching the turmoil) in ACP000dvxd and the one sitting at the very same spot in ACP000dvu4 to be the same. He has a very special dark face with a straight short browline and a long face with the brows near to the deep-set eyes. He seems to be quite robust.


    enter image description here


    enter image description here


  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator in response to AnLand's comment.

    if you check the whole sequence of 13 December 2013 :


    you can see that the male that you mean in ACP000dvu4 leaves to the right, and then the one in ACP000dvxd enters from the background.

    They need tempIDs anyway 😃


  • hoothoot by hoothoot

    The first male in ACP000dvu4 reminds me of Pehr. The upper lip is quite long like Pehr's and the brows are also short, yet prominent. Bald pattern also similar. I can't say that they might be the same chimp but there are some similarities.

    ACP000dvxd - Could it be Rosko ? Both have a black face, heavier build, straightish short brows.

    The chimp in the foreground in ACP000dw06 and ACP000dw07 is tagged GSMale19, as a fun fact (I was kind of excited to finally see a match for this chimp and even more so because he seemed to be in the same position - until I realized it's a screenshot from the very same video I was currently on).


  • Boleyn by Boleyn moderator in response to hoothoot's comment.

    There are similarities but unfortunately we don't see enough details of the male in ACP000dvu4 to be sure if this really is Pehr. It seems that Pehr's brows are more rounded. The other features can't be compared. We don't even know for sure whether this is the same group as Pehrs'. 😕

    ACP000dvxd a match to Rosko? Good observation, that looks more promising! He also tends to have his muzzle open like Rosko. Brows would fit and general look too. He's even better seen in ACP000dvxb. What do others mean to this suggestion from @hoothoot?


  • Buzharevski by Buzharevski scientist, moderator in response to hoothoot's comment.

    I agree to the Rosko comparison in ACP000dvxd and ACP000dvxb.


  • Orohena by Orohena in response to hoothoot's comment.

    I agree too. I saw this video few days ago and thought: "it looks like Rosko but I might think that just because of his open muzzle. Let's check it later".
    Anyway, I didn't but now I did and the brows fit as well as the dark face and small nose. So I definitly stay on my first impression 😃


  • Boleyn by Boleyn moderator

    Yeah well, great, thanks all! You did another match @hoothoot! 😄



  • hoothoot by hoothoot in response to Boleyn's comment.

    Yay 😄
    The idea to mark open threads with ** was really good !