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Females with infants and juveniles

  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator

    Gaia & GSInf01 & GSJuv05

    one one one one one

    ACP000d9kx / ACP000d9j4 / ACP000d9s8

    FEMALE / ADULT / #Gaia / Gaia Tag Group

    UNKNOWN / INFANT / #GSInf01 / GSInf01 Tag Group

    MALE / JUVENILE / #GSJuv05 / GSJuv05 Tag Group

    Gaia is an adult female, black, long and a bit bony face, a kind of triangular baldness over her brows, black and straight brows, white beard. Ears look ok. She seems to have a while spot over her left shoulder, or it might be the hair direction when she turns. The lower part of her back is yellowish.

    GSInf01 is her small infant, lock-looking face, big ears and tuft.

    GSJuv05 is a male late juvenile, very big ears that point out, light muzzle and dark mask that stops right above his nose. Seen with Gaia and her infant.

    Katie & GSInf24 & Noel

    one one one one one one

    ACP000droi / ACP000ds5l / ACP000dlwl / ACP000ds1o

    FEMALE / ADULT / #Katie / Katie Tag Group

    UNKNOWN / INFANT / #GSInf24 / GSInf24 Tag Group

    MALE / JUVENILE / #Noel / Noel Tag Group

    Katie is a robust grey-backed female with missing right fingers. Round face, dark and curved brows and big nostrils. Her ears look ok. Katie is seen first alone or with her juvenile Noel, and from July 2013 she carries her newborn GSInf24.

    Noel is a big juvenile with a dark face and broad bald patch on forehead. Straight and thick brows, small eyes. Ears look ok. He is Katie´s juvenile.

    Blondie & GSInf13 & Fanny

    one one one one one

    ACP000dpm3 / ACP000doi4 / ACP000dsay / ACP000dscm / ACP000dsb3

    FEMALE / ADULT / #Blondie / Blondie Tag Group

    UNKNOWN / INFANT / #GSInf13 / GSInf13 Tag Group

    FEMALE / JUVENILE / #Fanny / Fanny Tag Group

    Blondie has a very white head, only a bit curved brows, small nostrils and big upper lip.
    GSInf13 is her infant.

    Fanny is a medium sized female juvenile, she has two spots above the quite straight brows

    Layla & GSInf25 & Jana

    one one one one one one

    ACP000dk65 / ACP000cxdo

    FEMALE / ADULT / #Layla / Layla Tag Group

    UNKNOWN / INFANT / #GSInf25 / GSInf25 Tag Group

    FEMALE / JUVENILE / #Jana / Jana Tag Group

    Layla is a robust, bald female that walks with two juveniles, Jana and Jamie and a very small ventral infant, GSInf25.

    Jana is a juvenile female, square face, protruding and quite straight brows.

    Kiana & GSInf26 & Loika

    one one one one

    ACP000dshn / ACP000drwr / ACP000dshq / ACP000dsbr

    FEMALE / ADULT / #Kiana / Kiana Tag Group

    UNKNOWN / INFANT / #GSInf26 / GSInf26 Tag Group

    FEMALE / JUVENILE / #Loika / Loika Tag Group

    Kiana has long black hair all over. She has a somehow crumpled look to her face probably caused by the short distance between mouth and nose. Muzzle is a bit brighter than the rest of the face. The nose is flat and wide, the eyes deep-set in a black mask. Ears are small, round and standing out a little, probably no damage. The balding is only a stripe on her forehead. Her infant is GSInf26.

    Loika is a medium sized female juvenile, she is Kiana´s juvenile, and they are seen with Blondie & co.

    Akilah & GSInf16 & Aurora

    one one one one one

    ACP000dpin / ACP000dsfx / ACP000dpfm

    FEMALE / ADULT / #Akilah / Akilah Tag Group

    UNKNOWN / INFANT / #GSInf16 / GSInf16 Tag Group

    FEMALE / JUVENILE / #Aurora / Aurora Tag Group

    Akilah´s rounded face appears large for the head, with a prominent mouth and distinct white beard. Large nostrils, rounded brows and bony cheeks.GSInf16 is her big late infant (early juvenile) with nearly straight brows, slightly rounded at the edges.

    Aurora has small "slanted" eyes. Very angular brows and a triangular bald patch. Her face is quite large and her nostrils look slightly wide. She is part of the GSFem16 (Akilah) &GSInf16 group.

    Cleo & GSInf17 & Jamie

    one one one one


    FEMALE / ADULT / #GSFem17/ GSFem17 Tag Group

    FEMALE / INFANT / #GSInf17/ GSInf17 Tag Group

    UNKNOWN / JUVENILE / #Jamie / Jamie Tag Group

    GSFem17 has a small swelling, a bit of a gray back, some baldness, a longish face, flat and broad nostrils, and seems to have a bent in her left ear (or some damage). GSInf17 and GSJuv08 belong to her. Her infant is not too small anymore.

    Jamie is a medium sized juvenile. He has like a darker mask that goes down to his nose.

    Hasina-Yvette & Linden & infant / GSFem05 & GSInf05 & GSInf27

    one one one
    one one

    ACP000d6do / ACP000d6sf / ACP000d6ai / ACP000d2jh / ACP000d942

    FEMALE / ADULT / #Hasina-Yvette / Hasina-Yvette Tag Group

    UNKNOWN / INFANT / #Linden / Linden Tag Group

    UNKNOWN / INFANT / #GSInf27 / GSInf27 Tag Group

    Her name has been merged, Hasina-Yvette is an adult female, not very yellow back and hind limbs. Big ears that point out and that look ok. Very dark face, no white beard is seen (but it might be because of the light). Her nostrils look small, and she has a baldpatch on her forehead. She is pregnant in ACP000d2jh and has her newborn (GSInf27) in ACP000d942 (Sept. 2013). She is accompanied by:

    Linden a big (female?) infant that looks like a juvenile already. S/he has a quite long face, thick brows that bend by the sides. S/he has a dark eye area. Thought to be a female at first, but changed to unknown..


  • AnLand by AnLand moderator

    The discussion about the females with infants and juveniles is locked and one cannot add observations to this.

    I wanted to mention that GSFem30 is Siena and we are not sure whether that juvenile is hers. In the Siena context we did not see her with a juvenile until now.

    Also, Flores has been seen with a juvenile in more than one sequence. Maybe we can add her.


  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator

    Sorry Anja that this discussion was locked, my bad. I have merged yours with this one that you wanted to comment.


  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator

    We only see Flores with a juvenile in 3 videos out of 10 ( ACP000dnor , ACP000dnr6 and ACP000dp8u )... unless the juvenile in ACP000dql2 is not Blondie´s juvenile (Fanny) but Flores juvenile:

    Fanny in ACP000dql2 :

    enter image description here

    the juvenile seen with Flores in ACP000dnr6

    enter image description here

    Fanny looks closer to Flores than to Blondie in ACP000dql2 , so maybe that´s not Fanny but Flores juv?


  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator

    Also, in ACP000d37y , the juvenile walking before GSJuv11, looks like the one following Flores sometimes...Flores appears two videos after ( in ACP000d382 ):

    enter image description here

    look at the black nose of the juvenile in ACP000d37y , ACP000dnr6 and the one identified as Fanny in ACP000dql2 (the three pictures that I posted above) 😕


  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator

    to summarize:

    I think Flores has a juvenile, seen in ACP000dnor :

    enter image description here

    ACP000dnr6 :

    enter image description here

    ACP000dp8u :

    enter image description here

    ACP000dql2 (not Fanny):

    enter image description here

    and in ACP000d37y :

    enter image description here

    what do you think?


  • tina_pixie_ by tina_pixie_

    Is this Vala with her infant?
    on ACP000cxqv

    enter image description here


  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator in response to tina_pixie_'s comment.

    hi @tina_pixie_ ,

    this lady is actually GSFem21 with her infant GSInf21. You can see the video before ACP000cxqt , which is already tagged.

    You can also post your thoughts about a chimp in particular on that chimp´s thread, in this case in: ,

    or start a new thread if you like 😃

    Thanks a lot 😃