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  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator

    Although we at C&S are focused on chimp matching, we might at times be lucky enough to match elephants too and thus name them.

    This list provides us with elephants that show distinctive traits and with elephants that we found and recognized in more than one video so far.

    Thanks for your interest in elephants!!


  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator

    Known Female Elephants


    one one one

    ACP000dkhn / ACP000dg3e / ACP000dnk9

    FEMALE / ADULT / #BigMary / BigMary Tag Group

    BigMary is an adult female. Her left tusk is much longer, while the right one forward oriented. She has a juvenile with her. Her ears look ok, round with small cracks on the edges but no heavy cuts or injuries. Her trunk is undamaged.


    one one

    ACP000d5kt / ACP000d8ys

    FEMALE / ADULT / #Geneva / Geneva Tag Group

    Geneva is a female tuskless elephant with a shortened trunk. She has a very square and bony head. She seems to be followed by a 1-2 year-old infant.


  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator

    Known Male Elephants


    one one one

    ACP000cr5l / ACP000cr3j

    MALE / ADULT / #Gabela / Gabela Tag Group

    Gabela is an impresive male that has a deeply cut trunk produced by a snare, a ragged damaged left ear and a hole in his right tusk.


    one one one

    ACP000czkc / ACP000dllc / ACP000czkc

    MALE / ADULT / #Nero / Nero Tag Group

    Nero is an adult male with shortened trunk, dark-to-light tusks, and the triangular cut in the right ear. There is also a smaller cut below the triangular one.


    one one

    ACP000czzk / ACP000czm5

    MALE / ADULT / #Ulam / Ulam Tag Group

    Ulam is another adult male with an injured trunk. He has some bumps on the forefront of his left hind leg. Medium sized tusks, the wrinkles in his left front leg reach up to his knee, opposite to the right one, where the wrinkles go down his knee.


  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator

    Prospective Female Elephants


    one one

    ACP000dcd3 / ACP000dcd4

    FEMALE / ADULT / #EleFemGS01 / EleFemGS01 Tag Group

    This is an adult cow whose very long tusks denote an age of approx. 40 years. Her right tusk is longer than the left one. The lower parts of her ears look ok and round. No distinctive wrinkle pattern on her trunk.


    one one one one

    ACP000dcd4 / ACP000dcd5

    FEMALE / ADULT / #EleFemGS02 / EleFemGS02 Tag Group

    She is an adult cow probably in her 30s, has two different length tusks - its right one being noticeably longer than the left one. Her broad forehead and tusk distance indicate likely male, but breasts are seen. Her forehead is quite even.


    one one

    ACP000d70u / ACP000d70v

    FEMALE / ADULT / #EleFemGS03 / EleFemGS03 Tag Group

    She is a mature female with a gentle "granny" look. Her trunk wrinkles go up to eye level and has a weird bump on her anal area. She misses her left tusk. She has a weird bump on her rear too.


    one one


    FEMALE / ADULT / #EleFemGS04 / EleFemGS04 Tag Group

    She is a mature female with beautiful long eyelashes. She has only her redish, short and thin left tusk. She has some bony holes on the sides of her forehead. She doesn´t look very old, but not very young neither, she might be on her 30s.


    one one

    ACP000d5sd / ACP000d5sf

    FEMALE / ADULT / #EleFemGS05 / EleFemGS05 Tag Group

    She is an injured elephant. The injury looks different from the ones we already encountered - only her very tip of the trunk is cut.


  • NuriaM by NuriaM scientist, moderator

    Prospective Male Elephants


    one one


    MALE / ADULT / #EleMaleGS01 / EleMaleGS01 Tag Group

    He is an adult male elephant with a very severe injury in his left ear, the top of it missing and the lower part very infected. No deep wrinkles on forehead, His right tusk is longer.


    one one


    MALE / ADULT / #EleMaleGS02 / EleMaleGS02 Tag Group

    He is an impressive adult male elephant with a broad forehead and a long width between his tusks. He has an hourglass-shaped head. His tusks show a growth anomaly and he has a long vertical cut at lower edge of his right ear.


    one one one


    MALE / ADULT / #EleMaleGS03 / EleMaleGS03 Tag Group

    He is a massive male elephant with only his right tusk. He has a long cut (or fold?) at the lowest part of his right ear. A big bulge is present on the center of his forehead.