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  • Subject ACP000avaz

    They're really prominent on black duikers, especially when they're posing for the camera ACP0003654 😃

  • Subject ACP00083nb

    Quite right! Duikers have glands on either side of their faces, which is also why pairs 'kiss' each others cheeks. #Jentinks_duiker

  • Subject ACP000avaz

    It is a #weyns_duiker, one of the many #red_duiker species. 😃 The ears are striped, the light is just right, normally it's not so visible!

  • Subject ACP000ccq5

    #red_duiker #restlessStar

  • Subject ACP000cfh8

    For some confusion, the light 'eyebrows' and colour transition on the shoulders says Weyn's, but the forehead should be red, not black. 😄

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