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Volunteer for a BBC documentary

  • MimiA by MimiA scientist, moderator

    In case you missed it in your emails from zooniverse

    they wrote today:

    "Volunteer for a BBC documentary

    The BBC Natural History Unit are making a new and exciting 90 minute feature documentary on wildlife conservation in close collaboration with the IUCN Red List. Each of their stories represent a threat to wildlife but crucially also highlight the amazing measures that dedicated scientists and conservationists are taking to protect wildlife. However, you don’t have to be in the wilds of Africa or the jungles of Indonesia to make a difference, as is demonstrated so clearly from the success and impact of Zooniverse projects. The power of citizen science is huge and very much needed in the fight against extinction. They want their film to emphasise this and ultimately to be a call to arms for everyone to get involved. They would like to film a volunteer looking through any one of the camera trap Zooinverse projects, identifying animals etc. as part of their film. They ideally are looking for people who are UK based (even better if they reside close to Bristol or Sheffield area (though this is not a necessity)). They want to send out a powerful message to show that no matter who you are you can get involved so they are particularly interested in hearing from people who wouldn’t normally be able to go out into the field because of, for example, disabilities, age, work or family commitments. They would like to film this in April this year and the shoot itself would only take 1 day at the very most. If you are interested they would love to hear from you. Please contact Estelle Cheuk on estelle.cheuk @ by the middle of March and she'll get in touch."