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How to post video screencaps!

  • DZM by DZM admin

    Hey volunteers,

    You may find it useful, when working on Chimp ID, to post the thumbnails that can be found on the Object pages.

    Here's the code to do that:

    [![one](IMGURLHERE =200x)](IMGURLHERE) 

    Just replace the IMGURLHERE with the URL (such as and the "200" with the height of the image that you want. 😃

    Here's an example:



  • CHaRLieDonTsURf by CHaRLieDonTsURf

    When it comes to comp-speak, I'm less than experienced, and this makes no sense to me.

    There's a user named Quia who posts the video links in a very clean way. How is that being done? I can post the video links, but it's the entire URL, so posting multiple links in one post gets very cluttered.

    @Quia Can you tell how you are posting the video links so that it only reads "ACP00029..." and not the entire URL ("")?



  • spekky4eyes by spekky4eyes in response to DZM's comment.

    Can you express this in plain English please?


  • spekky4eyes by spekky4eyes in response to DZM's comment.

    I am a complete newbie to Zooniverse, I have seen some great footage of mother and infant feeding and interacting and have marked one as a favourite but have no idea how to retrieve the video and share it on here. Please advise, thank you.


  • Quia by Quia moderator

    @CHaRLieDonTsURf Sorry I missed this question! In case you still need to know, the subject ID's automatically link, you don't need to do anything special to them, so all I'm doing is just putting in ACP0002t05, no link codes or anything else.


  • DZM by DZM admin in response to CHaRLieDonTsURf's comment.

    You can also link any text like this:


    so it will appear as


    So you can make any text link to any URL! 😃


  • rlb66 by rlb66

    Question is how do you post a thumbnail photo only so that it shows, not the whole video? The explanation is incomplete for non computer people. In the begin a new discussion, leave a comment, there is a ICON for posting images, is it usable?


  • Quia by Quia moderator

    I'll try simpler! Or at least more words. 😉

    You get the image URL from the 0-15 'preview' links below each video on these pages

    Click the number you want, copy the URL. The url for preview 0 is

    Back here on talk, you can click the 'image' icon, that's the 6th one, which opens up a dialog where you can put that URL. That gets you a full sized image, the code to display an image looks like this:

    ![enter image description here](

    To resize the image down so it's not so huge, you can add a little bit to the end, like this. I like 500 pixels wide, because it's big enough that I don't feel like I have to link to the fullsize image, but is small enough that it fits nicely on the screen.

    ![enter image description here]( =500x)

    If you want to link to the fullsize image, it gets a little longer. The whole image code is wrapped in [] brackets, and then (imageurl) is added after.

    [![enter image description here]( =500x)](


  • rlb66 by rlb66

    Much thanks, Got it, disproves you can not teach a very old dog new tricks. I need some cleanup but improving. Anyone else lost and need more help give a shout out. Sorry, I started early on Frosty Sky 3 but it is a proper photo.


  • ksigler by ksigler moderator

    (bump) New to C&S Talk? If you want to add screenshots from video clips to your post, this thread explains all the details! Scroll up, or here's a quick summary:

    1. For the video clip you want to write about, click on the Preview numbers below the video to see a screenshot from that second of the video (i.e., #4 is from :04 seconds).


    1. The image will open in a new window. Copy the URL of it from your browser.

    2. In your post, click the Image button on the toolbar -- 6th button from left, looks like a photo of a blue sky & green grass with a white border.


    1. Paste the URL in the box and click OK. Preview the post to see the image now in the body of your post.

    More tips for resizing and adding a link to the image can be found further up in this thread.


  • hoothoot by hoothoot

    Thanks so much for this tutorial !
    I've noticed that sometimes 2 or 3 pictures were put next to each other neatly in a row, which aided direct comparison very well. This is achieved by placing the images' links close to each other, right ?
    Also, some screenshots looked like zoomed in versions. How is that done ?


  • AnLand by AnLand moderator

    To post screenshots outside of the 16 fixed ones or a zoomed image - cut and maybe with an arrow pointing to what you want to show - you need to work on the image with any software that can provide what you want and then upload it somewhere from where you can then link the image. I use but others work, too.

    You need a service from where you can link a direct link that ends on a image format like .jpg or .png -> here is one of mine:

    With this link you can then do the same thing you can do with the Chimp&See image link.

    Click the image icon

    enter image description here

    and then copy the link you created

    enter image description here

    At imgur you find the link after upload on the right site:

    enter image description here

    Does this help?

    For the first question: yes, you just place them next to each other.


  • Boleyn by Boleyn moderator

    @hoothoot additionally to place them next to each other withour a break (Enter) you need to resize the pics as follows: At the end of the string before the closing bracket you add a number of pixels the images should have. Here I made 300 pixels, and that posts the images like here.

    ( =300x)


    enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

    If you want to have them even smaller just reduce the size to e.g. 250 pixels:

    enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here.

    If you want to make comparisons from cutout images you can also use a service like befunky collage maker to put the images in a grid you like and then you can just post one final collection, like the one below. When you copy the link from your upload service be sure to not copy the [img] tags but enter only the https:// adress into the picture button as described by @AnLand above.

    Have fun!

    enter image description here


  • hoothoot by hoothoot

    Thanks, that should help with future comparisons !