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No gorillas in West Africa

  • AnLand by AnLand moderator

    Hi all,

    As it happens from time to time that someone tags or just discusses (the latter is of course fine!) gorillas at current sites here a brief reminder:

    There are NO gorillas in West Africa.

    All sites in region A are in West Africa as you can see in the map and are not home range of gorillas. With the current site Dry Lake, we moved even further West into a dry savannah region.

    Only in region C (currently only comprising the closed site Shy Waterfall) we expect gorillas. If you are just curious to see them from our camera traps, here are some examples for comparison with our chimps: ACP0000f67 and ACP0000f6a (group of traveling gorillas), ACP0000f8n, and a handsome silverback in ACP0000krc.

    Please be assured, when we will open a new site where we expect to see gorillas (which will definitely happen in the future!) we will announce this beforehand and explain the differences between the species to you in every detail!

    For the moment: it doesn’t matter how big and massive they are – it’s chimps all the way down! 😉

    Thanks a lot!


  • MimiA by MimiA scientist, moderator

    Thanks @AnLand!!! 😄